Noteworthy Contributions (Acceptence Ratio: ~ 7%)

Optimizing the Cost of Migration from Wireless TDM Networks to Next Generation Packet Networks
Huan Li (Nortel Networks, US) ; Haitao Lin (Nortel Networks, US) ; Hee Lee (Nortel, US) ; Prabir Das (Nortel, US)

Using Sink Mobility to Increase Wireless Sensor Networks Lifetime
Mirela Marta (Florida Atlantic University, US) ; Mihaela Cardei (Florida Atlantic University, US)

Experimental Study on Wireless Multicast Scalability using Merged Hybrid ARQ with Staggered Adaptive FEC
Shivesh Makharia (Rutgers University, US) ; Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers Univ., US) ; Mingquan Wu (Thomson Inc., US) ; Hang Liu (Thomson Inc., US) ; Dekai Li (Thomson, Inc, US)

A Combinatorial Algorithm for the Maximum Lifetime Data Gathering and Aggregation Problem in Sensor Networks
Konstantinos Kalpakis (University of Maryland Baltimore County, US) ; Shilang Tang (University of Maryland Baltimore County, US)

An Efficient Analytical Model for QoS Engineering in Mobile Cellular Networks

Georges Nogueira (Université Pierre et Marie Curie-LIP6, FR) ; Bruno Baynat (Université Pierre et Marie Curie-LIP6, FR) ; Ahmed Ziram (Nortel, FR)

BEWARE: Background Traffic-Aware Rate Adaptation for IEEE 802.11

Shao-Cheng Wang (University of Florida, US) ; Ahmed Helmy (University of Florida, US)

Localized Minimum-Latency Broadcasting in Multi-radio Multi-rate Wireless Mesh Networks
Junaid Qadir (University of New South Wales, AU) ; Chun Tung Chou (University of New South Wales, AU) ; Archan Misra (IBM T J Watson Research Center, US) ; Joo Ghee Lim (University of New South Wales, AU)

Design, Implementation, and Performance Analysis of DiscoSec -- Service Pack for Securing WLANs
Ivan Martinovic (University of Kaiserslautern, DE) ; Paul Pichota (University of Kaiserslautern, DE) ; Matthias Wilhelm (University of Kaiserslautern, DE) ; Frank Zdarsky (NEC Laboratories Europe, DE) ; Jens Schmitt (University of Kaiserslautern, DE)

A Cooperative Approach for Topology Control in Wireless Sensor Networks: Experimental and Simulation Analysis
Paolo Costa (Vrije Universiteit, NL) ; Matteo Cesana (Politecnico di Milano, IT) ; Stefano Brambilla (Politecnico di Milano, IT) ; Luca Casartelli (Politecnico di Milano, IT) ; Luca Pizziniaco (Politecnico di Milano, IT)

A Joint Design of Admission Control and Transmission Rate Adaptation for VoIP over Wireless Network
Youngkyu Choi (Seoul National University, KR) ; Sunghyun Choi (Seoul National University, KR)

Interference in Wireless Multihop Networks: A Model and its Experimental Evaluation
Georgios Parissidis (ETH Zurich, CH)

Power-Delay Tradeoff Over Wireless Networks
Xi Zhang (Texas A&M University, ECE Department, US)

Mobile System Energy Conservation for Adaptive Multimedia Applications
Albert Harris III (University of Kansas, US) ; Robin Snader (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US) ; Robin Kravets (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)
Regular Contributions (Acceptence Ratio: ~ 25%)

Stability Analysis for Communication of Voice Terminals with Packet Reservation Multiple Access Protocol
Amirali Sharifi (University of Maryland, US) ; Eyad Abed (Institue For Systems Research and University of Maryland, College Park, US)

Mobility Management in IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks
Tiago Camilo (University of Coimbra, PT)

Probabilistically Reliable On-Demand Multicast in Wireless Mesh Networks
Xin Zhao (The University of New South Wales, AU) ; Chun Tung Chou (University of New South Wales, AU) ; Jun Guo (The University of New South Wales, AU) ; Sanjay Jha (University of NSW, AU) ; Archan Misra (IBM T J Watson Research Center, US)

Integrated Routing and MAC Scheduling for Single-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Zhibin Wu (Rutgers University, US) ; Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers Univ., US)

A New Priority Based Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Mohammad Hossien Yaghmaee (Ferdowsi University of Mashad, IR)

Localization in Time and Space for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Mobile Beacon Approach
Azzedine Boukerche (Univ. of Ottawa, CA) ; Horacio Oliveira (Univ. of Ottawa, CA) ; Eduardo Nakamura (FUCAPI - Research and Technological Innovation Center, BR) ; Antonio A.F. Loureiro (Federal University of Minas Gerais, BR)

Non-Uniform Sensor Deployment in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Mihaela Cardei (Florida Atlantic University, US) ; Yinying Yang (Florida Atlantic University, US) ; Jie Wu (Florida Atlantic University and National Science Foundation, US)

Correlating Real-time Monitoring Data for Mobile Network Management
Nanyan Jiang (Rutgers University, US) ; Guofei Jiang (NEC Labs America, US) ; Haifeng Chen (NEC Labs America, US) ; Kenji Yoshihira (NEC Labs America, US)

CREAM-MAC: An Efficient Cognitive Radio-EnAbled Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks
Xi Zhang (Texas A&M University, ECE Department, US) ; Hang Su (Texas A&M University, US)

A novel MAC scheme for solving the QoS parameter adjustment problem in IEEE 802.11e EDCA
Thomas Nilsson (Umeå University, SE) ; Jahanzeb Farooq (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, FR)

Mixed Reliability Video Streaming in Wireless Networks
Justice Daka (University of Saskatchewan, CA) ; Dwight Makaroff (University Of Saskatchewan, CA)

Position-Based Unicast Routing for City Scenarios
Sascha Schnaufer (University of Mannheim, DE) ; Wolfgang Effelsberg (University of Mannheim, DE)

On-Demand Fingerprint Selection for 802.11-based Positioning Systems
Thomas King (University of Mannheim, DE) ; Thomas Haenselmann (University of Mannheim, DE) ; Wolfgang Effelsberg (University of Mannheim, DE)

Reducing Handover Latency in Future IP-based Wireless Networks: Proxy Mobile IPv6 with Simultaneous Bindings
Mortaza S. Bargh (Telematica Instituut, NL) ; Bob Hulsebosch (Telematica Instituut, NL) ; Henk Eertink (Telematica Instituut, NL) ; Geert Heijenk (University of Twente, NL) ; Jeroen Idserda (University of Twente, NL) ; Julien Laganier (NTT DoCoMo Euro-Labs, DE) ; Anand Prasad (NEC, JP) ; Alf Zugenmaier (DoCoMo Euro-Labs, DE)

Localized Minimum Spanning Tree Based Multicast Routing with Energy-Efficient Guaranteed Delivery in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Hannes Frey (University of Paderborn, DE) ; François Ingelrest (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH) ; David Simplot-Ryl (INRIA, Univ. Lille, FR)

Cluster Filtered KNN:A WLAN-Based Indoor Positioning Scheme
Jun Ma (Nanjing university, CN) ; Xuansong Li (Nanjing university, CN) ; Xianping Tao (Nanjing university, CN)

Reputation-based Service Selection in a Peer-to-Peer Mobile Environment
Michele Amoretti (University of Parma, IT) ; Maria Chiara Laghi (University of Parma, IT) ; Alberto Carubelli (University of Parma, IT) ; Francesco Zanichelli (University of Parma, IT)

Delay-Constrained High Throughput Protocol for Multi-Path Transmission over Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Shuang Li (Auburn University, US) ; Alvin Lim (Auburn University, US) ; Raghu Neelisetti (Auburn University, US) ; Cong Liu (Auburn University, US)

Secure Group Communication in Wireless Mesh Networks
Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Purdue University, US) ; Jing Dong (Purdue University, US) ; Erik Ackermann (Purdue University, US)

DGRAM: A Delay Guaranteed Routing and MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Anirudha Sahoo (IIT Bombay, IN) ; Shanti Chilukuri (IIT Bombay, IN)

A Novel Physical Carrier Sensing Scheme for enhancing Spatial Reuse in Multihop Wireless Networks
Yongning Zhang (Concordia University, CA) ; Basel Alawieh (Concordia University, CA) ; Chadi Assi (Concordia University, CA)

Localization-Oriented Coverage Based on Bayesian Estimation in Camera Sensor Networks
Xi Zhang (Texas A&M University, ECE Department, US) ; Liang Liu (Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, CN) ; Huadong Ma (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CN)

Costs and Benefits of Reputation Management Systems
Roberto Cascella (University of Trento, IT)

A Comparative Study of Data Transport Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Faisal Karim Shaikh (Technical University of Darmstadt, DE) ; Abdelmajid Khelil (Technical University of Darmstadt, DE) ; Neeraj Suri (Technical University of Darmstadt, DE)

Path Selection for Mobile Stations in IEEE 802.16 Multihop Relay Networks
Bo Wang (Michigan State University, US) ; Matt Mutka (Michigan State University, US)

Channel-aware Packet Scheduling for MANETs
Sridhar NagarajaRao (Institute for Infocomm Research, SG) ; Mun Choon Chan (National University of Singapore, SG)

Scheduling Aware Network Flow Models for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Vinay Kolar (Binghamton University, US) ; Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (State University of New York, Binghamton, US)

Performance Measurement over Mobile WiMAX/IEEE 802.16e Network
Dongmyoung Kim (Seoul National University, KR) ; Hua Cai (Seoul National University, KR) ; Minsoo Na (Seoul National University, KR) ; Sunghyun Choi (Seoul National University, KR)

BASH: A Backhaul-Aided Seamless Handoff Scheme for Wireless Mesh Networks
YAN HE (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, US) ; Dmitri Perkins (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, US)

Optimizations for charged Service Provision in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Christopher Ververidis (AUEB, GR) ; George C. Polyzos (AUEB, GR)

EMO: A Statistical Encounter-based Mobility MOdel for Simulating Delay Tolerant Networks
Feiselia Tan (University of New South Wales, AU) ; Sebastien Ardon (National ICT Australia, AU) ; Youmna Borghol (National ICT Australia -NICTA, AU)

Link-Quality Measurement Enhancement for Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
Golnaz Karbaschi (University Paris 6 - LIP6, FR) ; Anne Fladenmuller (University Paris 6 - LIP6, FR) ; Bernd Wolfinger (University of Hamburg, DE)


Trajectory design and opportunistic forwarding for efficient coverage in networks of mobile sensors
Aline Viana (INRIA Saclay - Ile de France sud, FR) ; Marcelo Dias de Amorim (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, FR)

Mobile TFRC: a Congestion Control for WLANs
Lei ZHANG (University of Toulouse - ISAE / LAAS-CNRS, FR) ; Patrick Senac (ensica, FR) ; Emmanuel Lochin (Université de Toulouse, DMIA, ISAE, FR) ; Michel Diaz (LAAS, FR)

Power and Performance Characteristics of USB Flash Drives
Aaron Striegel (University of Notre Dame, US) ; David Salyers (University of Notre Dame, US) ; Christian Poellabauer (University of Notre Dame, US)

Link Quality Prediction for Wireless Devices with Multiple Radios
Qiuyi Duan (Brigham Young University, US) ; Lei Wang (Brigham Young University, US) ; Charles Knutson (Brigham Young University, US) ; Daniel Zappala (Brigham Young University, US)

WiMap: Fast Handover for 802.11 Mobile Devices
Ajay Kulkarni (University of Texas at Dallas, US) ; Shanthy Menezes (University of Texas at Dallas, US) ; Hai Vu (University of Texas at Dallas, US) ; Chanaka Liyana Arachige (University of Texas at Dallas, US) ; G. Dattatreya (University of Texas at Dallas, US)

A Method for Minimizing Unnecessary Handovers in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Xiaohuan Yan (Monash University, AU) ; Nallasamy Mani (Monash University, AU) ; Ahmet Sekercioglu (Monash University, AU)

Performance Analysis of Reliable Transport Schemes joint with the Optimal Frequency and Optimal Packet Length in Underwater Sensor Networks
Liu Bin (Tsinghua University, CN)

Mobile Localization in Outdoor Environments
David Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK)

Relative Localization with 2-Hop Neighborhood
Christopher Mallery (Washington State University, US) ; Sirisha Medidi (Washington State University, US) ; Muralidhar Medidi (Boise State University, US)

Wireless Reliability: Rethinking 802.11 Packet Loss
David Salyers (University of Notre Dame, US) ; Aaron Striegel (University of Notre Dame, US) ; Christian Poellabauer (University of Notre Dame, US)

Lifetime Enhancement Sleep Scheduling for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Yun Wang (University of Cincinnati, US)

Heterogeneous Modulation for Trading-off Energy Balancing with Bandwidth Efficiency in Hierarchical Sensor Networks
Maryam Soltan (University of Southern California, US) ; In Kwon Hwang (University of Southern California, US) ; Massoud Pedram (University of Southern California, US)

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