Messages from the General Chairs

A warm welcome to the Ninth IEEE International Conference on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM2008) being held at Newport Beach California during June 23-26, 2008. This conference follows highly successful conferences in the past few years, making the WoWMoM event a very highly popular and productive event for researchers and students working in these interdisciplinary and application rich topics. On behalf of the steering and organizing committees of WoWMoM 2008, we are proud to write this message.

The overwhelming success of this conference is due, in good part, to the efforts of the technical program committee chaired by Giuseppe Anastasi ( University of Pisa , Italy ) and Nalini Venkatasubramanian ( University of California , Irvine ). Giuseppe and Nalini have been outstanding, showing high regard to quality and fairness. The program chairs and the rest of the program committee deserve deep appreciation and commendation for their exceptional work through out the paper review process. The technical program has been prepared with great care and understanding of the complex dynamics associated with the variety of events. Our special thanks go to Vincent Stanford ( NIST , USA ) for arranging keynote speeches from distinguished speakers of international repute, and covering the areas of wireless, mobile, multimedia, networking and applications. We appreciate the efforts of Silvia Giordano ( SUPSI, Switzerland ) and Ramesh Rao ( University of California , San Diego ) for moderating two very interesting panels. Thanks to Shivajit Mohapatra (Motorola Research Labs, USA ) for organizing the demonstrations and Giridhar Mandayam ( Qualcomm , USA ) for procuring industry sponsorships. We thank Anand Prasad (NEC, Japan ) and Farooq Anjum (Qualcomm) for organizing the Industry Sessions, and Seon Ho Kim ( University of Denver , USA ) and Enzo Mingozzi ( University of Pisa , Italy ) in coordinating the publications process. We are thankful to Yonghe Liu for handling the registrations and finances in a very professional way, as in the past.

Thanks to the efforts of Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore) for setting up five Workshops : Adaptive and DependAble Mobile Ubiquitous Systems (ADAMUS 2008); Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications (AOC 2008); Advanced EXPerimental activities ON WIRELESS networks & systems (EXPONWIRELESS 2008); Mobile Video Delivery (MoViD); Security, Privacy and Authentication in Wireless Networks (SPAWN 2008).

The efforts of Mario Di Francesco ( University of Pisa , Italy ) Qi Han (Colorado School of Mines, USA) Ricky Robinson (NICTA, Australia ) and Wendong Xiao (I2R, Singapore ) as publicity chairs are also appreciated. Lichun Bao , Athina Markopoulou , and Bo Xing ( University of California at Irvine , USA ) have managed the local organization, web management and logistics in a very professional manner, our special thanks to them.

We are grateful to the IEEE, the IEEE Computer Society, University of Texas at Arlington , and the University of California at Irvine , and the Industry sponsors, Qualcomm and Nokia corporation for their support in organizing this conference. We take this opportunity to thank the WoWMoM Steering Committee for inviting us to organize this conference and their support, encouragement and advice.

In summary, the conference program is rich and diverse in terms of quality of the technical sessions, and provides opportunities for interactions and collaborations. We wish all participants a very enjoyable and professionally fruitful experience at WoWMoM 2008 in Newport Beach . Thanks to you all for your participation, it has been our distinct privilege to work with you all.

Co-General Chairs,

Ramesh Jain
University of California Irvine, USA
Mohan Kumar
University of Texas Arlington, USA

Messages from the Technical Program Chairs

It gives us a great pleasure to present to you the technical program of the 9th IEEE International Symposium on Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks, WoWMoM 2008. WoWMoM is a highly selective conference focusing on all issues of wireless, mobile, and multimedia networking. Its mission is to combine scientific quality and industrial relevance.

This year the conference received 181 submissions - confirming a trend of increasing interest in WoWMoM - coming from 30 different countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and USA. The world-wide scientific community contributed in a quite uniform way: North America 30%, Europe, Middle East and Africa 32%, Asia/Pacific 32%, Latin America 6%. United States have been the main contributor (26%), but emerging countries, e.g., China (7.6%), submitted a significant number of papers. These numbers show the importance of wireless, mobile and multimedia networking, and indicate WoWMoM as a reference forum for the community of researchers working in this field.

With so many papers to choose from, providing a conference program with a high level of technical excellence became a task that was challenging and time consuming, but ultimately a very rewarding one for the Technical Program Committee. Each paper was assigned to, at least, three TPC members. Papers were accepted based on referee reports and in-depth online discussions among TPC members. From the received submissions, we finally selected 13 noteworthy contributions and 32 regular papers for the presentation in the conference technical sessions. We also selected more 10 short papers for presentation in a poster session. Those papers with the highest review scores were selected as noteworthy papers.

The conference program has been structured with 4 single-track plenary sessions for the presentation of noteworthy contributions, 8 parallel-track sessions for the presentation of regular papers, and one Demo and Poster session. The program also includes 2 special track devoted to industrial papers, 2 panels and 3 keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field, and 5 parallel thematic workshops.

This event would not have been possible without the enthusiastic and hard work of a number of colleagues. As Program Committee Chairs, we would like to express our gratitude to the General Chairs, for their assistance through the whole process, and the Steering Committee members for their supportive guidance. We wish to thank the publicity chairs who advertised the conference extensively, the publication chairs who managed the timely publication of the proceedings, the Web and EDAS manager who supported us with in all phases of the organization, and all the other members of the organizing committee for the fruitful cooperation. A special word of thanks to the TPC members, and all the referees, for their invaluable help in reviewing the papers. We wish to acknowledge all the authors for their overwhelming support in submitting their papers to WoWMoM. Last but not least, we wish to thank all the participants for attending the conference. We sincerely hope that you enjoy WoWMoM 2008!

Technical Program Co-Chairs,

Giuseppe Anastasi
University of Pisa, Italy

Nalini Venkatasubramanian
University of California , Irvine , USA

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:
Nov. 25, 2007

Acceptance Notification:
Feb. 22, 2008
Camera-Ready Version Due:
Apr. 16, 2008
Author Registration Deadline :
Apr. 16, 2008
The University of Texas at Arlington
Local Organizer

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